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This page links you to the books currently being written and will allow you to follow the stories on a regular basis as they unfold. I may eventually incorporate a mailing list, so that you don't miss any update, but in the mean time, they will already be available here.
Simply choose your favorite book here :

Reminder from a friend
"A journey to the center of mankind"; this book, by the Hopefools, is an really unique piece of History / Human drama / Science fiction (Or is it ???) that will transport the reader through history, events that made us who we are, both ordinary and unexpected places and cultures; and a whole lot more.

Flying a kite (coming soon)

Everybody has been frustrated as a child, by a beautiful new kite that just would not take to the air and stay aloft. In 99 percent of cases that I have seen, the kite itself is perfectly fine; provided that it is properly assembled and flown in a proper place, conditions and...... direction ! ! (yes, I've seen them all)
There are simply not enough instructions with kites and people think that they just have to throw it and it should fly.
This simple booklet should put an end to this frustration. Most of the text is written since over 5 years, but I need to add good, simple, clear illustrations to it.
Come back here once in a while, because I intend to make it happen shortly.

Other books also on their way here

Created Apr.5th 2014 by Marc Duguay